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   Saqib is a guitarist, electronic music producer and dancefloor instigator based in Brooklyn, NY. Since 2013 he has put out a steady stream of releases on Abracadabra, Flying Circus, Sol Selectas, Maccabi House, Kamai Music, and other notable electronic music labels. He also recently started his own imprint, Beats On Time. In 2021 he was named one of 1001 Tracklists' top 100 music producers to look out for. 

   His musical background started as a teenager playing guitar and bass in heavy metal bands in Lahore, Pakistan and you can hear this influence in his productions and DJ sets. He moved on to take courses in sound design and music production at Point Blank Music Academy, School of audio engineering NYC, Dubspot NYC, and Rutgers University. His notable recent dance floor appearances include Electric Zoo Festival, Cityfox at The Brooklyn Mirage, Abracadabra Miami and NYC and Monkey Loft Seattle for an open to close set. 

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